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Silent Night – war takes a holiday

Since Cain slew Abel, humans have proven quite adept at killing one another.  Waging war comes quite easily for our race.  From Carthage to Gettysburg to Flanders, there probably isn’t a corner of the earth that hasn’t seen blood spilled … Continue reading

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Katyn – the ultimate triumph of truth

You have two sides, opposed to one another ideologically and in every other way.  Disputes between these two opposing forces are sharp, accusations fly, the blame game begins, the rancor escalates and the spin doctors work overtime to spew propaganda … Continue reading

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In the Garden of Beasts – shooting the messenger

1933 was a volatile time in Germany, and this created a problem for newly elected president Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The United Stated needed to fill its top diplomatic post in Berlin – the ambassadorship – but FDR was having difficulty … Continue reading

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