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The Accidental Marketer

I entered the marketing profession quite by accident. Over 30 years ago I graduated from university with a degree in computer science, having also worked the four years I was earning that degree at the university data center. I finished … Continue reading

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Escape From Camp 14 – exiting a cultural cesspool

Imagine a life of backbreaking labor, never enough to eat and performance drive by fear.  This is the existence for prisoners in the North Korean political prisons or camps.  Little information is available about life in North Korea, a nation … Continue reading

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The Illustrious Dead – the little things can kill you

Take an army – a “Grande Armee” – of 600,000 men, battle hardened, used to winning, led by experienced and brilliant military geniuses and invade a country in turmoil with inferior military assets.  Isn’t the outcome a foregone conclusion?  I … Continue reading

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