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Escape From Camp 14 – exiting a cultural cesspool

Imagine a life of backbreaking labor, never enough to eat and performance drive by fear.  This is the existence for prisoners in the North Korean political prisons or camps.  Little information is available about life in North Korea, a nation … Continue reading

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To End All Wars – when bravery seemed useless

It is the 100th anniversary of “A Night to Remember”.  Before there was James Cameron, Walter Lord’s 1955 book chronicled the RMS Titanic disaster.  On its maiden voyage, the Titanic struck an iceberg on the night of April 14, 1912 … Continue reading

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The Worst Hard Time – getting our just deserts?

I’ve been to the Oklahoma panhandle to visit family more times than I can remember. Driving through those plains, I often wonder what Native Americans and pioneers thought when they entered this land for the first time and beheld a … Continue reading

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