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An avid reader, mostly non-fiction, I read great books and think how the lessons of history have contemporary application. Most of these thoughts are work related, but sometimes about faith or family. This blog is my first attempt to allow some of these thoughts to escape the rather thick skull in which they were born.

The Accidental Marketer

I entered the marketing profession quite by accident. Over 30 years ago I graduated from university with a degree in computer science, having also worked the four years I was earning that degree at the university data center. I finished … Continue reading

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Lone Survivor – the ugliness of war

“These men of the special forces have had other options in their lives, other paths, easier paths they could have taken. But they took the hardest path, that narrow causeway that is not for the sunshine patriot. They took the … Continue reading

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Escape From Camp 14 – exiting a cultural cesspool

Imagine a life of backbreaking labor, never enough to eat and performance drive by fear.  This is the existence for prisoners in the North Korean political prisons or camps.  Little information is available about life in North Korea, a nation … Continue reading

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The Cruelest Miles – anatomy of achievement

Diphtheria isn’t given much thought today.  It’s in the category of diseases that have been conquered through modern medicine, much like polio or smallpox.  Even so, Diphtheria has a nasty reputation.  It can masquerade initially as tonsillitis, but the lesions … Continue reading

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Niching for a fight – and ending on a high note

It’s year-end, a time when many companies are crunching the numbers to report earnings.  For some, it’s been a good year and the business that comes in the last few days of the year are just icing on the cake.  … Continue reading

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Silent Night – war takes a holiday

Since Cain slew Abel, humans have proven quite adept at killing one another.  Waging war comes quite easily for our race.  From Carthage to Gettysburg to Flanders, there probably isn’t a corner of the earth that hasn’t seen blood spilled … Continue reading

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Emma’s Ring

Note: November is National Adoption Month, so instead of sharing thoughts about someone else’s story, I’ve decided share my own. Emma is the second of my three daughters, our adopted Korean child sandwiched between two biological sisters.  She came into … Continue reading

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Katyn – the ultimate triumph of truth

You have two sides, opposed to one another ideologically and in every other way.  Disputes between these two opposing forces are sharp, accusations fly, the blame game begins, the rancor escalates and the spin doctors work overtime to spew propaganda … Continue reading

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Snowstruck – a risk management primer

Almost every aspect of our lives has some degree of risk associated with it.  The Statistical Abstract of the United States, a publication of the U.S. Census Bureau, tells us that 59,964 skateboarders were injured in 1999.  That figure includes … Continue reading

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In the Garden of Beasts – shooting the messenger

1933 was a volatile time in Germany, and this created a problem for newly elected president Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The United Stated needed to fill its top diplomatic post in Berlin – the ambassadorship – but FDR was having difficulty … Continue reading

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