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The Horrors of Andersonville – never forget such hellish deeds

I have ancestors who fought on both sides of the Civil War, and the relation about whom I know the most is Jacob W. Fees, my great-grandfather.  Born in 1832, he was in his prime when the Civil War broke … Continue reading

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The Worst Hard Time – getting our just deserts?

I’ve been to the Oklahoma panhandle to visit family more times than I can remember. Driving through those plains, I often wonder what Native Americans and pioneers thought when they entered this land for the first time and beheld a … Continue reading

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Into Thin Air – the tragic cost of late game plan changes

(Author’s note:  thanks go to my good friend Steve Broadway who gave me the inspiration for this post) George Mallory, the British climber who died trying to summit Mt. Everest in 1924, gave his famous response – “because it is … Continue reading

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Born to Run – no pain, no gain?

Like many people, for me the thought of running for pleasure was oxymoronic.  It was never something I enjoyed and did only when required, like Phys. Ed. class in the 8th grade or as part of Physical Training when I … Continue reading

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